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Luminiferous Aether

Jeff Carey’s “Luminiferous Aether” was inspired by the scientific search for the “light bearing medium” of the same name. Spoiler alert: they found it — we now know it to be the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Exploring the use of high powered strobe lighting, Jeff presented a new piece of art that blended light and sound into immersive visual music. The finished work encircled the audience with sound and light using multichannel audio and 20 Atomic strobe light fixtures.

The Voxel was uniquely suited to the piece’s acoustic requirements and could also provide the hundreds of amps of additional power necessary for Jeff’s work. The Voxel was the ideal testing ground for this installation and the project expanded beyond the original vision, including four installations for solo audiences hosted in the lobby.

“The welcoming, creative and supportive environment multiplied my plan as it unfolded and took it to an entirely NEXT LEVEL.” — Jeff Carey

Luminiferous Aether at The Voxel
Aether strobes
Strobe boothStrobe boothStrobe booth
pre-showglowing tubes
Jeff Careyaudience
audienceJeff Carey wearing white sunglasses.audience
Jeff Carey speaking to audienceJeff Carey speaking to audience
feet of musicians
Jeff Carey
Poster on outside of theater