Sonic Story Festival

SCAT: An Ode to the Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

A day like any other. A promise to get home before the streetlamps come on. A young woman forced into the known unknown. With every echoing footstep and each tick of the clock, she grapples with the harsh reality of being taken, her existence reduced to whispers lost in the night that no one may ever hear. Through the discordant melodies of jazz and sounds of space, the audience hears what she hears: a symphony of experience muffled by the cacophony of indifference.

SCAT: An Ode to the Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed is a poignant testament to the resilience of the unseen and unheard, a testament to the enduring strength of those ignored by society's gaze, and the emptiness of their painful reality. As the night unfolds, the young woman's journey reminds us that even in darkness, echoes can still resonate with the power to ignite change.

This immersive aural theatre-in-the-dark piece asks the audience to release the comfort of being able to rely on their sense of sight, to become vulnerable to the images and preconceived notions contained in the corners of their minds. Guided through the story of a person who goes missing within our community, the audience will be asked to think about who they usually picture as the victims of these scenarios. When people go missing, it is usually thought of as something far away — “it wouldn’t happen here.” The reality is that these things happen everywhere and to anyone; here.

  • June 8 - 23
Content Warning: Aural depictions of abduction and implications of violence, assault, and drug use.
Please note: Due to the nature of the performance, there will not be any late seating.


The Earth Refused to Catch My Fall

Part experimental documentary, part auditory fiction, The Earth Refused to Catch My Fall is a radical listening project that explores how sound reorients and reorganizes our perception according to what is heard beneath, alongside, or against the visible. We understand our world through the rumble of a distant thunderstorm, the dawn chorus, and the whisper of a friend—each reveals invisible events, networks, and histories below the surface of the seen.

A central question propels this investigation—who has a voice? The voice has personal, political, and planetary dimensions. But what is the voice? Who is able to speak? And how ought we listen? Inspired by the imaginative landscapes and transformed bodies of Dante’s Inferno, this project uses a wide array of field recordings, sound processing techniques, and musical elements to journey through sonic underworlds—listening for the voices that reside in each one. It is a fiction of many geographies, materials, and scales.

It begins on a dark and stormy night…

  • June 21 — 23

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