Artist Residencies at The Voxel
Artist Residencies at The Voxel
Artist Residencies at The Voxel

The Voxel Artist Residencies

The application window for 2025 has now closed.


Applications for 2026 will be open in June 2025.

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The Voxel's artist residency offers you 24/7 access to a black box theater in the heart of Baltimore City. You will use our space and our equipment to produce a show. You will be responsible for producing all aspects of your event — lighting, sound, etc. We will be here to teach you how to use our equipment and to learn from each other as you go.

Resident artists use our space for free. If you choose to sell tickets, we do not take a cut of your sales.

The Voxel team was actively engaged and supportive — we checked in with each other regularly and in conversation we grew the project into something more than originally proposed. The Voxel team gave excellent support building, presenting and documenting the project. There is nothing like this opportunity in this city or this region.
Jeff Carey, composer and musician
Working at The Voxel is an unparalleled experience of freedom and support. They really do just want your project to succeed and will work very hard to make sure that it does!
Lola Pierson, playwright and director

Application Deadline

  • Applications for 2025 are open June 1 - June 30, 2024
  • Applicants will be notified by August 15, 2024
  • Length of residencies can be from 1 to 4 weeks

The Artist Residency Program Seeks To...

  • Offer The Voxel’s unique resources to artists who will perform a live show in front of an audience.
  • Support Baltimore’s dynamic community of artists while encouraging creative exploration.
  • Bring national and international artists to Baltimore to engage in a creative exchange with local artists and audiences.

The Voxel’s Amenities Include

  • The Voxel is an ADA accessible theater comprising a 2,200 square foot black box stage, a 1,900 square foot lobby, and 3,000 square feet of production and support spaces. A pipe grid is installed over the majority of the building, so the space can be reconfigured to suit by using curtains.
  • As the theater is a flexible black box space, there are no permanent stage lights or chairs. All lighting and seating in the theater may be (and must be!) customized by the artist.
  • The lobby is just as flexible as the stage and may be re-envisioned for many purposes.
  • The green room has a kitchenette, 2 dressing rooms, lounge area, and an ADA accessible shower and restroom.
  • As a resident artist, you will be given a key fob, allowing you 24/7 access during your residency dates. We ask that you provide a full schedule of the days/times you plan to be at the Voxel.

Tech Overview

To Apply

  • Describe the project you'd like to bring to The Voxel.
  • Describe your interest in bringing your work to The Voxel.
  • Tell us how much time you need to produce, run, and strike your show — from 1 week to 4 weeks. Also tell us a summary of how you plan to use each week.
  • Tell us your preferred dates. We will do our best to accommodate your preference.
    • Winter (January - March)
    • Spring (April - June)
    • Summer (July - September)
    • Fall (October - December)
    • Or request more specific dates
  • Optional If the work has been presented before, please provide information for the place(s) it was shown.
  • Optional Provide documentation of recent work. Applicants may submit up to 3 work samples (writing, images, video, or audio).
Artist Collaboratives should apply together by submitting ONE application per group and specifying the number of individuals on the application form.

Things to Note

  • Your team should include a lighting designer if you require anything other than white light on stage.
  • Your team should include a sound engineer if you will be using microphones.
  • Resident artists are responsible for costs and coordination of their own housing, travel, and materials.
  • The Voxel doesn’t take a cut of any ticket sales.
  • The Voxel will make a central contact list for resident artists to connect with each other.
  • You will be asked to submit a feedback form at the end of your residency.

Selection Criteria

When reviewing applications, one big thing we look for is artists who have the capacity to produce the event they are proposing. We don’t expect every project to be huge or every person to be an expert — this is a space to learn and experiment — but the more ambitious your vision, the more we want to see a plan, a team, or past experiences that tell us you’re ready to tackle your project.

Tips for your application:

  • Apply for the least amount of time that would serve your project's needs; it is easier for us to give out shorter durations of time than to give out longer durations. That said, if you have a big project and can demonstrate the ability to take advantage of a longer length of time, please ask for it!
  • Show us that your ambition matches your capacity:
    • If your proposal uses a set, do you have someone to design it? Someone to build it?
    • If your proposal needs theatrical lighting, do you have a lighting designer and someone who knows how to hang lights?
    • If your proposal uses microphones, do you have an audio engineer?
    • If you need funding, do you have it secured, or a convincing plan to get it?
    • etc.

Selection Process

The Voxel staff will review applications and interview finalists. We'll email you by August 15, 2024 to tell you whether your project was selected.

The Voxel Will Provide

  • Technical support for load-in and strike.
  • 10 hours of production support for rehearsal and performances.
  • Support for coordinating the residency and performances.
  • Promotion via our website, newsletter, and social media.
  • Branded posters for the outdoor bays.
    • You will be asked to provide a hi-res image and text for your event(s).
    • Posters will be given to you at the end of your residency.
  • Professional photographic documentation of public events.

Artist Residencies