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The Voxel's video infrastructure is focused on our 8-projector stage floor surface, in total 40,000 lumens. Any device that can output to a NDI display can work with our mapped floor.

Four additional small projectors are available, as well as a freestanding screen for simple presentations.

Video Inventory

  • Unlimited QLab 5 video licenses

  • (10) Panasonic PT-VZ580U 5000-Lumen 3LCD Projector
    • 5000 lumens, 1920 x 1200, 1.09:1 - 1.77:1 (D:W), Auto Shutter
    • (8) are reserved for Stage floor projection system
  • (1) ViewSonic PJD5555W mini projector
    • 3300 lumens, 1280x800, 1.55 - 1.70:1 (D:W)
  • (1) ViewSonic PJD6552LWS mini projector
    • 3500 lumens, 1280x800, 0.49:1 (D:W)

Computer Inventory

The following computers are available for you to use for media playback and show control:

  • Mac Studio M1 Max
    • 32GB RAM
    • 500 GB SSD
    • QLab 5 Audio+Video+Lighting Licenses
  • Mac Mini Intel i7
    • 64 GB RAM
    • 500 GB SSD
    • QLab 5 Audio+Video+Lighting Licenses

Stage floor projection system

Our 8 projector stage floor system powered by a dedicated Mac Studio M1 Max machine is permanently installed on a special vibration-isolating mount above our standard grid. (The Mac Studio M1 Max computer running this system is separate from the Mac Studio available for your use.) Stage lights hung from the regular grid do not block the projectors. The projectors may not be repurposed or moved.

The full resolution of the stage floor video input is 3200 x 3850 at 60fps. A "direct" 3840 x 4800 60fps NDI input to the 8 projectors with no mapping applied is also available.

Capabilities include:

  • NDI Input for custom video design using tools like QLab 5 and MadMapper.
  • Virtual Groundplans to see the scenic design laid out full scale on the floor.
  • Seating arrangements demonstrate accessible ways to lay out the room.
  • Rigging guide to see the centerline, rigging grid, and roof steel translated to the floor.

Networked Video Devices

The Voxel’s production network is primarily handled by a Netgear ProSafe M4300-52G-PoE+ switch. The switch is designed to handle NDI, Dante, Art-Net, and other IP-based control technologies.

Local IPv4Local DNSDevice Floor Video Server (Mac Studio) Camera 1 AIDA HD-NDI-X20 Camera 2 AIDA HD-NDI-X20 Camera 3 AIDA PTZ-NDI-X20 Magewell NDI Receiver Projector TV Projector 1 Projector 2 Projector 3 Projector 4 Projector 5 Projector 6 Projector 7 Projector 8 1 2