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Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Workshop

The Voxel teamed up with Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (MdVLA) to curate a free workshop specifically designed for Artists interested in learning about intellectual property, contracts, business entity formation, and insurance.

“I just wanted to send you a thank you message from the bottom of my heart. It is not easy to begin to assert one's self as an artist, and to navigate the difficult journey of building a career as an artist while having a shot at being commercially viable/successful. This workshop you hosted was incredibly helpful for someone who is at the beginning of that journey, and I left the event feeling very grateful.” — Ege Yalcinbas

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Workshop at The Voxel
Slide that says: Legal Issues for Artists
Slide that says: "Contracts aren't just a tool for the powerful to use to rip you off"
A woman in the audience with green hair raising her hand.Workshop audience
AudienceSlide that says: "What if the other party says they don't do contracts?"
What comes with copyright?Music Composition