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Outcalls: Release the Gowns

An Album Release Show by Outcalls

Release the Gowns is a theatrical variety show written by Outcalls and featuring brand new music from their upcoming record Greatest Hits, vol. 1. Celebrate the journey of Britt and Melissa's friendship, bandleading partnership, and continuing survival of the patriarchy spanning over a decade of collaboration. Directed by Genevieve de Mahy of Single Carrot Theatre and joined by an all-star team of artists, Release the Gowns will leave you heavy breathing.

Outcalls: Release the Gowns at The Voxel
Melissa and Britt from OutcallsBritt sings while playing keyboard.
A shirtless man waves palm fronds over two reclining women.
OutcallsA robed women looms ominously next to a man on a throne.
Kotic Couture performsOutcallsA shirtless man blows bubbles.
The drummer.
Britt practices axing a cabbage during rehearsal.The director's baby yawns during rehearsal.