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The primary stage area is a 35' x 47' wooden stage deck. It's surrounded on three sides by flush concrete slab, and on one side by a wall. The grid is at 20'-6". A drivable 2-person scissor lift is available to comfortably reach the grid. The loading door to the alley is 19'H x 8'-2"W and is at street level.



The capacity of the main stage depends on your design and seating layout. A classic theatrical proscenium configuration might have 60 to 70 seats, while an arrangement in the round might comfortably seat 100.

Our stage floor projection system can show you how different seating layouts will feel on the stage.

Stage Deck


The wooden deck structure is built within a recess in the floor slab. The structure is 3/4" plywood with a 1/4" hardboard surface. The plywood is screwed to 1.5" tall furring strips which are screwed to the slab.

Scenery may be screwed to the deck surface. Consult the TD if larger fasteners are required.


The standard deck paint is Benjamin Moore "ben" Interior Eggshell (N6264), tinted "Space Black" (2119-10). It's available at the local Ace Hardware for around $55/gallon. A single coat of the deck takes 3 gallons. We require all productions that wish to paint the deck to restore it afterwards using this paint.

Polycrylic sealers may not be used without TD approval.

The stage deck is the only surface at The Voxel that may be painted.

Curtain Inventory

  • Standard configuration shown in drawings and uses the following black velour drapes:
    • (10) 20'W x 20’-6”H
    • (1) 10'W x 20’-6”H
    • (2) 8’-8”W x 15’-8”H
    • (1) 20’W x 15’-8”H
    • (1) 25’-3”W x 15’-8”H
  • Additional available black velour drapes
    • (2) 20’W x 20’-6”H
    • (3) 10’W x 20’-6”H
  • 35’ x 20’-4” white muslin cyclorama with bottom pipe

Staging Inventory

  • (100) Standard Black Padded Chairs
  • (10) Accessible wide chairs
  • (2) 4x8 Wood Platforms with 12" or 24" legs
  • (4) 6’ x 30” folding tables
  • (5) 16” rehearsal cubes

stage viewed from south end


Large scenery may be built on site or loaded in through the street level loading door. All major carpentry tools (table saw, circular saw, router) must be attached to dust collection or used outdoors. Voxel staff can also adjust the HVAC to reduce dust hazards.

Loading and Deliveries

The address of the alley-facing loading door is 2445 Morton St, Baltimore MD 21218. Deliveries for resident artists will only be accepted during their residency period.